Online Forex Broker Scams – We Are BlueFx


If you’re in the market for a forex-prop firm, look no further than BluFx. The company began operations in 2015 but has gained recent attention due to the success of its software. The company was founded by Yu Song, who describes his trading experience and the company’s continued growth. Using Company Check, he has been verified as the owner of BluFx. This is the most important feature for a forex-prop firm.

One of the biggest differences between BluFx and other prop firms is that the firm doesn’t offer a trading challenge, which may be a drawback for aspiring traders. Most prop firms require their prospective clients to purchase a Demo Challenge Account to qualify for their funds. They will then have to meet a profit target within the first month and adhere to daily and overall loss limits. This can be frustrating for new traders, but it’s also an important factor that will determine whether they will continue to use the service.

Another big difference between BluFx and other prop firms is the fact that they offer large accounts to new forex traders. The accounts, which are funded instantly, are also available to those who subscribe monthly. The firm offers a support line between 9:00am and 17:30pm London time. There’s no skill-based challenge, so there’s no reason to be concerned. However, the firm offers a variety of social trading opportunities, so if you’re looking to make a profit with your online trading, this is a great choice.

There’s a downside to using BluFx for forex trading, however. In my experience, this is an unnecessary hurdle. In contrast to other firms, this one does not require the use of a Demo Challenge Account. This is a major pro for budding traders, as it eliminates the need for an unrealistic challenge. In addition, there’s no demo account. In short, this makes it more difficult to make a living on the forex market.

The most attractive feature of BluFx is its instant funding. Unlike most other prop firms, BluFx can provide funds the same day you apply for it. There’s also no performance-based test to pass. As a result, you can have a successful trade the same day. Compared to the 5%ers, however, BluFx is a better option. It’s also more flexible than most 5%ers.

We are BlueFx has an excellent Trustpilot rating with more than 300 reviews. This means that they’re trustworthy and respected by traders. This is not to say that other prop firms have better reputations than BluFx. This broker’s reputation is not as high as that of 5%ers, but it’s still a big plus. This broker is a great place to trade with. But make sure to read the fine print.

In addition to its excellent reputation, BluFx offers instant funding. The 5%ers can wait for days to be approved. But BluFx allows you to get funded immediately. In other words, you don’t have to pass any performance-based challenge to get your funds. You’ll only have to pay a monthly fee to join this broker. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for a fast and efficient trading platform.