How IM Mastery Avoids FTC Discipline

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One of the most popular and effective strategies for making money in the Forex market is to join a forex club. Usually based in Paris, forex clubs are affiliated with the ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI). This international organization of traders and investors was founded in 1955 and has 9,000 members across 63 national associations. Its goals are to help members make the best trades possible and encourage ethical behavior. Those who join the club will receive free trading tips, strategies, live training services, and access to an online forum where they can ask questions and get answers.

To avoid attracting the attention of the FTC, established forex traders don’t post images of themselves or their lifestyle on social media. They also don’t share images of themselves holding expensive items. The IM Mastery firm, for example, asks clients to blur their photos so as not to attract unwanted attention from the FTC. The firm was fined more than $16 million after failing to register with the FTC.

The FTC has imposed fines and restrictions on firms that don’t comply with its rules. IM Mastery is one such firm. The company asks its clients to remove photos of themselves and their assets. However, it should not be confused with other forex trading firms. The company claims that it has thousands of satisfied clients who have made millions from trading on the forex market. For its part, it claims to be a good investment for those looking to earn a good living from their investments.

To avoid FTC disciplinary action, the firm asks its clients to blur their images. Moreover, it does not publish their client’s personal details. In addition, it asks them to remove pictures of expensive items. For this reason, IM Mastery asks their clients to hide any images of themselves and their businesses. So, this is a good sign that this company is working hard to protect its clients from fraudulent activities.