Forex Guru Team Review – Is the Forex Guru Team a Scam?

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The Forex Guru Team is a company that claims to provide investment services worldwide. However, the company has no physical address and does not have a registered CPO license. As such, there are many red flags that should be raised about this company. Moreover, the company’s website is lacking in transparency, so it is hard to know if this is a scam or not. Regardless of the company’s claims, these reviews do not imply that you should give them your money.

The Forex Guru Team is comprised of highly skilled, experienced traders with extensive trading experience. The founders are John Kicklighter, a senior currency strategist at DailyFX and a San Francisco-based currency analyst. These two have specialized in both technical and fundamental analysis. They have been trading since they were teenagers and are very familiar with financial futures, stocks, and spot currency. The team also includes Blake Morrow, a co-founder of Wizetrade and a Chief Currency Strategist at the brokerage firm Wizetrade. Blake has over 18 years of experience in the industry and has conducted analysis for thousands of individual traders through his “The Morning Edge” webinar.

The team also includes three members who are experts in different trading modalities. John Kicklighter is the Senior Currency Strategist at DailyFX and has been trading since he was a teenager. He has a diverse background in the financial markets, including stocks, financial futures, and spot currency. The team also includes Blake Morrow, a Co-founder of Wizetrade and Chief Currency Strategist at DailyFX. With over eighteen years of experience in trading, he has done analysis for thousands of individual traders through his webinar, “The Morning Edge.”

While this team claims to be the top currency trading signal provider, it does not look legit. It relies on screenshots of actual trades, which can be manipulated by the forex guru team. Furthermore, the Forex Guru Team is not suitable for beginners. Despite being a top-ranked currency trading service, the company has no real-life proof of its success. They do not claim to provide investment advice. So, you should be careful.

The Forex Guru Team’s signals have excellent long-term performance, and have been independently verified by MyFXBook. The service is rated 5-stars by and its 1-to-1 support from the lead trader Bob James. This is a great way to get started with Forex. The best signals are proven to be accurate. If you want to learn how to trade currencies, this service is not for you.

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The team is one of the best signal providers on the market. The signals are able to detect when an indicator is going to be profitable. The team’s signals are accurate and have an excellent track record, with a high success rate. A forex signal provider should be able to generate consistent profits. Its signals are analyzed by a Forex expert, who will ensure that the signals are profitable. The Forex signals provided by 1000pip Builder have been independently verified by MyFXBook, so you can trust the company. The company’s 1-to-1 support is very helpful.